Dress Code


Dress codes are established to promote learning and unity within a classroom

setting. Correct classroom attire not only allows teachers an unobstructed view of correct alignment and muscle use, it is also part of the discipline of dance. We thank you for adhering to our dress code policies and making sure your child is ready for dance class!


LDA is proud to offer all of your dress code needs for purchase right at the studio. From leotards, skirts, tights and all shoes, we have what you need for class! No need to run around or order online, we can help make sure you have the right size. Looking for something special? We have access to exclusive styles you won't find anywhere else.

Get Sized

Our staff is trained to size your dancer's shoes with room to grow so you don't have to purchase additional shoes throughout the school year. Bring your dancer to be sized at the La Danse Academie Open House, or stop by the office before your dancer's class. We can also help find the perfect sized leotard, skirts, and tights.

Core Class

Ballet, Tap and Jazz

  • Pink tights and black leotard (all dancers) or black dance dress (young dancers only)

  • All skirts, shorts, pants and tops MUST be black

  • All hair must be pulled back in a bun or braid

Elective Class

Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pointe, Company, Accelerated Tap

  • Pink or tan tights and any color leotard

  • All skirts, shorts, pants and tops MUST be black

  • All hair must be pulled back in a bun or braid

  • Dancers in Hip Hop may wear black athletic clothing that covers from shoulder to mid-thigh, no exposed midriff allowed


All Classes

  • Black athletic shorts or pants (not currently available in our online shop)

  • Black or white t-shirt (not currently available in our online shop)


Shoes dependent upon specific class enrollment

  • All shoes must be sized and ordered through La Danse Académie

  • Shoes purchased elsewhere can damage the dance floor