Meet the Teachers

Lori Bowen

La Danse Academie is an educational studio, not competitive, and we offer a varied curriculum of dance classes aimed at creating versatile and well-rounded dancers. For us, the knowledge, training and life skills that one receives through dance are greater than any trophy. Beyond their passion for dance, our students are also active and accomplished in academics, theater, band, and sports. 

Anne Hiller

From the moment you walk in the door, we aim to treat everyone as family and create a warm and welcoming environment for all. The studio is like a home away from home for many of our students, and their classmates become their best friends. This atmosphere makes the classroom a safe space where dancers can take risks, express their emotions, and push and challenge themselves and each other.  

Taylor Hiller

Taylor Hiller was born into the dance world as a third-generation dancer and educator, and grew up at La Danse Academie. After graduating summa cum laude from University at Buffalo with a B.A. in Dance Education, Taylor moved back to Illinois to teach and work at Revolution Dancewear where she is now a Senior Sales and Marketing Associate. At Revolution, Taylor injects her dance studio knowledge and passion for dance into the annual costume catalog publications, trade shows and events. She travels across North America presenting seminars to dance studio owners and dance teachers.


Taylor has been teaching at La Danse Academie for over 13 years, where she also directs the performing company and heads the marketing initiatives. She is a member of Chicago National Association of Dance Masters. Her infectious drive and genuine joy for dance radiate through all of her endeavors. As a teacher, she strives to help dancers become the best version of themselves, both on and off the stage.

Dannie Hiller

All of our teachers are passionate about dance and continue to educate themselves through various certifications and classes. La Danse Academie teachers are members of Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, where they attend bi-annual workshops focused on technique and pedagogy. Learn more about our teachers under Meet the Teachers.

Samantha Schatz

At over 40' x 25' each, both of our dance studios are comparable to the size of a professional stage and have specialized sprung flooring to help absorb shock and prevent injuries. Convenient and plentiful parking for whether you are quickly dropping off your dancer or parking to stay awhile during class. During classes, parents can enjoy a seat in our Waiting Room with free wifi or stop by the Office Window to ask our staff a question.

Convenient Combination Scheduling

We know that you are the taxi-service for your family during the week, and juggling everyone's busy schedules can be hard. That's why we offer classes for our youngest dancers at multiple times during the week and combination class scheduling for our older dancers. By scheduling classes back-to-back or as a combination class, it helps alleviate some of the back and forth.  

Professionally Produced Recital

Since dance is a performing art, the recital is an important part of the training process as students learn about theatre, rehearsal, perfecting a dance, and showcasing their skills. Each year, LDA produces a professional recital with exciting choreography and beautiful modest costumes. Your family and friends will enjoy celebrating your dancer's accomplishments in this end-of-year production.

Industry Affiliations

La Danse Academie is proud to be affiliated and partner with some of the best organizations in the industry:

  • Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM)

  • Unity

  • DiscoverDance

  • Dance Studio Owner

  • Southern Association of Dance Masters